HORSE owners have been warned following a confirmed case of the highly-contagious equine infection, strangles, in Winsford.

Laura Heath confirmed on Facebook that a horse in her Court House stables in Swanlow Lane has been infected.

Strangles can cause depression, loss of appetite, and difficulty breathing and in one per cent of cases, the infection can be fatal when abscesses cause ruptures to glands and organs.

Laura said: “We have a confirmed case of strangles at my yard Winsford. The horse in question is isolated, the others have all been put on amber we are checking temperatures twice a day and nothing else is showing signs.

“We are on complete lock down nothing on or off the yard for 21 days after last case.

“Grouse is bright as a button you would never know he had it, he just went very quiet and high temperature over weekend and then some snot appeared Monday which we had tested immediately and came back positive to strangles. So don't be fooled thinking your horse is too well to have it and don't panic, you’ve just got to deal with the situation if you get it.”

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