A WINSFORD resident has taken a huge step in his attempt to save the Drill Hall from being demolished by forking out a £5,000 deposit.

Plans were submitted in 2015 to demolish the building and build 31 flats in its place.

Those plans have recently been given approval, but Winsford resident Simon Boone has now agreed a deal with the owner of the Drill Hall to buy the building.

Simon says he is desperate to stop the building, which was formerly a cinema and bingo hall, from being demolished and said he plans to keep the iconic front of the building as it is.

He said: “The plans are for the building to be retirement apartments on the ground floor, which I think is something there is a lack of in Winsford. Then on the other three floors there will be quality apartments, but we wanted to retain a facility inside for community use, whether that be a meeting room.

“In that we will put some artwork or something on the walls or along the corridor to remind people of the heritage of the building, that is what is important more than anything.

“If we don’t do this it will end up completely demolished.”

Drill Hall owner Mr Chopra confirmed that he had agreed the deal.

He said: “Mr Boone has paid the deposit of £5,000 and now has four weeks to pay the rest of the money.”

This comes a week after Winsford businessman Damon Horrill appealed to the public to help raise the funds needed to save the building and keep it as a community use facility.

Damon said: “Mr Boone announcing that he had purchased the building was a shock to everyone, he had been a constant critic of community efforts to save the building but no one imagined he was a developer with personal interests.

"The owner confirmed that if the balance is not paid within the month he would be pleased to re-enter negotiations with community representatives.”