THE latest name has been added to the Winsford Walk of Contribution.

The Winsford Walk of Contribution, which launched in 2013, sees the achievements of community champions set in stone in Winsford’s very own Hollywood-style Walk of Fame.

The latest name to join previous inductees is Aidan James, general manager of The Wharton Park.

Aidan received an accolade in the Town Mayor’s Oscars last month in the new category of Employer of the Year.

Steve Smith, mayor of Winsford, said: “This was the first time we have had the employers’ award.

“Winsford is expanding. The industrial estate is expanding, various sectors are. I saw this as an opportunity to celebrate employers in the town. That’s what that award is all about.”

Aidan was subsequently selected out of the 11 category winners by an independent panel, which included the mayor, to be inducted into the walk of Winsford Walk of Contribution.

Every year the Walk of Contribution honours a different community-minded individual, aiming to recapture an era when town champions of the past were recognised for their generosity.

Cllr Smith said: “What I personally like about Aidan is that I admire the way he supports and engages with people that have been out of work for years that have had big confidence issues and have not had structure.

“He is also a friendly engaging person that not only engages with his staff and customers but also values his community and wants to get more involved.”

Cllr Smith said Aidan went ‘above and beyond’ for his staff, and has consistently employed people who may have struggled to find work elsewhere.

He said: “I know first-hand what Aidan does. He goes that extra mile. He shows good ethics. He’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty. He supports his staff emotionally. He goes over and above.

“There are different types of employers. Some employers care about their staff. I know he has taken people who have been out of work for 5, 10 years.

“He also recognises that people with disabilities deserve a chance to work. That is a good investment, that person will be more willing.

“Aidan is willing to give somebody a chance who might not get taken on elsewhere. Because he does that, his staff pay him back by committing to the job.”