THE first Winsford town crier in more than 50 years says he is raring to go and is keen to do the town proud.

Ben Booth, 25, was appointed the new town crier for Winsford after a public audition on Saturday, April 8.

He was appointed by town mayor Cllr Steve Smith, who was desperate to bring back the role to Winsford under his term of office.

Despite being from Northwich, Ben said he feels a strong affinity to Winsford, and says it is a great honour to be the town crier for his neighbouring town.

“I want to do Winsford proud,” said Ben. “It’s something that would mean something for the town and community.

“It’s such a privilege to be the town crier in Winsford with the town not having one for more than 50 years.

“Even though I’m from Northwich it’s the neighbouring town and I still feel a strong connection with the Winsford.”

The role, working for Winsford Town Council, is voluntary, and will see Ben providing his service at main public and civic events in Winsford.

There is also the option for Ben to follow the lead of Middlewich town crier Devlin Hobson in taking part in competitions around the country and shouting about Winsford.

Town council clerk Mark Bailey told the Guardian there will be no pressure put on Ben to compete in competitions, but the new town crier says he is looking forward to giving it a go, with the help of Devlin.

Ben said: “I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in. The only nerves I have is about the competitions but I will do my best for the town.

“It’s a really nice way to get Winsford on the map and shout about all the new exciting regeneration we’ve got going on.”

Ben will be formally introduced to members of the community at the Winsford Oscars tomorrow, Friday, April 21, at the Lifestyle Centre.

He will then take up his role for the first time at the Mayor Making in May.

In the meantime, Ben is urging members of the public to say ‘hello’ if they see him around.

“Already, the response from the local community has been tremendous,” said Ben. “People have been coming up to me and saying ‘can you announce this for me?’ “Just come up and say ‘hi’ and ask for me to announce something, it doesn’t matter how big or small.”