A WINSFORD filmmaker has walked away from the world famous Pinewood Studios with backing to make his feature length movie.

Former Woodford High School pupil, Andrew Carson, was down south to drum up support for wrestling film, RhumbleRama.

After touring Pinewood’s James Bond 007 stage, he left the home of classics such as Clash of the Titans and Superman, with an offer to produce the movie.

Andrew, 34, said: “Being in a place where anyone who is anyone has walked through - from Richard Attenbrough to Stanley Kubrick - was just perfect.

“I remember as a kid watching Aliens and thinking 'One day I want to make films', then to finally walk by the soundstages where it was filmed made me realize exactly how close I have gotten to that reality.

“I got to see a large amount of the studio, including the fabled 007 stage as well as the largest water tank and bluescreen in the world, where Casino Royale's drowning hotel was shot.”

Andrew left the studios with an offer on the table from producer Tom Reeve, whose credits include cult British hit Dog Soldiers.

“Tom saw the potential for the movie and we are now working together to get the movie up and running for 2013,” said Andrew, who plans to use actors from Winsford alongside pro WWE wrestling stars from America.

RhumbleRama follows the adventures of a group of out-of-work entertainers, whose questionable athleticism and acting skills unwittingly create a cult wrestling sensation.

Andrew hopes to shoot scenes in the Winsford Civic Centre before it is demolished, and hold auditions in January.

The film has got the internet buzzing in anticipation, and received the support of Hollywood producers including the legendary John Carpenter.

“It has been an amazing ride so far, and every day we get bigger and bigger,” said Andrew.

To finds out more, visit www.facebook.com/RhumbleRama