ON Saturday I joined one million people to take part in a March in central London to demand a final say on this Government’s Brexit Deal. We travelled from all corners of the United Kingdom and further to come together not to thwart democracy but to try to ensure that the democratic process is re-engaged in order to make sure that the Brexit deal that is on offer today is still the will of the people as it bears no resemblance to what was offered three and a half years ago.

The Brexit debate is far more than merely an economic argument. It is about what kind of country we wish to be. Do we wish to be inclusive and outward looking? Do we value and cherish our European neighbours and friends? Do we value the contribution they make to our nation? Do we uphold and respect The Good Friday Agreement? Do we value the Union and wish to retain the Union Jack as our flag?

Brexit puts all this at risk.

Joanne Callaghan, Deputy chair of Weaver Vale For Europe