FAR from being ‘a mite too obsessed with saving the world’ (Barlow’s Brew, October 3), Sam Corcoran, the leader of Cheshire East Council, is perfectly correct in addressing the urgency of climate change.

He identified a number of policies of central Government which are undermining efforts to reduce carbon emissions. I would like to add to his list road improvements such as your lead story on the upgrade of junction 19 which will facilitate more traffic at higher speeds generating more toxic emissions (£43m work at junction, October 3) and previously reported plans for expansion of flights to and from Manchester Airport.

On a brighter note you report on the ‘Go-ahead for the new £26m (Christie) cancer centre’ at Macclesfield.

In addition to the benefit, not to mention convenience of cancer patients such as myself, this facility will reduce the carbon footprints of patients and their families and, hopefully, the epidemic of cancers generated by traffic pollution.

Paul Thomson, Cheshire