IN response to Mike Amesbury’s objection to proposed care home development in Hartford (‘MP objects over care home plans’, Guardian, October 3)may I thank him, Hartford Parish Council and several of the local councillors for their support in objecting to this completely inappropriate proposal.

Let’s see it for what it is – to demolish three perfectly good homes, with large gardens, to build a 70 plus care home and to maximise the space let’s throw in five detached houses for good measure. It is more than a money making exercise, it’s avarice on the same scale as the proposal.

It is all too common these days that parts of our society see profit above any other consideration as their main motivation. The three collaborators have no thought for the wider community and certainly have no feelings towards local residents and even less to their neighbours.

This project is on an industrial scale for one reason only to maximise profit. It is not needed, not wanted and completely out of context for the location.

Should they be unsuccessful in this tender, what next a nuclear power plant? Or if we want to get really creative perhaps let’s go for a rocket missile launch site.

If you are blessed with a big garden, and in this case size really does matter, then why would you merely settle for building just an extra house in the back garden. It seems to be a reflection of the times in which we live whereby the culture of me, me, me overrides any other consideration and most certainly when it comes to the opportunity of making money as is patently the case here.

I hope those who make up the planning committees see through this scam and follow the example set by Mike Amesbury and the local councillors and all those who have objected by vetoing this ill thought out project that lacks any class and is therefore one reason only to line the pockets of the three residents who have put a financial gain in front of any other consideration.

Concerned local resident