THANK you for including Barlow’s Brew in the paper. It makes the paper feel far more than just for Knutsford/Wilmslow.

In Vic’s recent post, he talks about having not had anyone complaining about climate change in his correspondence.

I think that is because until now, no council has realised that they too need to do a lot about climate change, not just governments.

Just look at the effects of the extremes of weather recently. The activist groups like Transition Wilmslow have done more with our neighbours than with opinion formers like him.

With active groups in Bollington, Macclesfield, Congleton and Wilmslow at least, there are plenty of us involved, including a lot of children and young people concerned for our long-term future, not just people’s short term wants.

We are delighted that the council have said there is a climate emergency and are trying to do something about it.

We could argue that climate change is made worse by us choosing to drive more cars on congested and pot holed streets – and councils can do a lot to encourage us to walk, cycle or take buses or trains. That would certainly help clean up the polluted atmosphere in many streets and make us healthier on several fronts – good for us all!

Housing people is really important – social housing, probably, not so-called affordable housing, but it needs to be energy efficient, where there is public transport available, not built where it adds to floods, and therefore councils need to be much tougher on planning.

Saving the planet is a world-wide thing, with lots we can do as individuals, as councils and businesses, and government.

Transition Wilmslow has formed a Cheshire East Climate Alliance with other groups around the county to try to help the council – which is short of staff and money – get achievable practical solutions that will help make Cheshire East carbon neutral.

So keep cheering the council on, Vic, and encourage everyone to take some steps to reduce climate change.

Andrew Backhouse, Chairman of Transition Wilmslow