SHAME on Judith Hughes expecting any British subject who has no money to be welcomed by Spain in their old age, with all the financial burden on Spain that involves, when they have made no financial contribution to Spain during their working life. The Spanish will have to pay for their social care, medical needs, as well as funding their usage of Spanish roads, police, and infrastructure.

Would we welcome anyone here from abroad just to seek our better weather, with no money , to use the NHS at our taxpayers cost? I don’t think so, and neither should we expect it from any other country, within the EU or not. (Political refugees are the exception to this).

It is shameful that Ms Hughes expects to live in Spain on retirement, a country heading fast for recession, and be a burden on that country’s infrastructure without having made any contribution to the tax system of Spain. Brexit or not, we either stay in the UK where we have contributed taxes most of our lives, or have enough money to fund our own medical needs in another country like Spain.

Spain is absolutely right to ask for a minimum income from potential settlers, especially in their old age when the burden on medical systems increases.

Ms Hughes views show what an unbelievably thoughtless and selfish bunch Remainers are.

Roger Clarke Cheshire