WHEREAS Judith Hughes acknowledges that post Brexit anyone will still be able to buy property within the EU she apparently finds it strange (and possibly offensive) that people will have to meet residency rules of the country concerned.

That my dear Judith is the nature of independence in that an independent country decides for itself what laws it enacts to control its own culture and well being.

We also will have our own residency rules post Brexit. And I’ve no doubt the UK will also want to decline residency to people who have no means of support or a history of criminality and other undesirable characteristics.

When she talks about “Reciprocal arrangements with the EU” she also implies that it is the Spanish state which pays those British pensioners in Spain. It is not. The UK sends their UK pensions to a Spanish bank of their choice.

As the existing pensioners in, say Spain, will be able to continue as now I’d be interested to know how she knows that many of the future potential pensioners hoping to retire to Spain will not be able to meet Spanish residency rules.

Don Micklewright Weaverham