THE third year of the badger cull in Cheshire is almost upon us, with thousands more badgers set to be killed in what’s an extended zone this year.

This slaughter is senseless, and it won’t stop bovine TB because there are many issues around biosecurity, herd movement and cattle management in the dairy industry which are not being addressed at all. It’s easier instead for the government to blame badgers – for whom there is no serious scientific evidence around spreading TB to cattle.

In Cheshire, farmers and landowners are now able to vaccinate badgers instead of culling, and it’s free of charge! This is provided by fully trained volunteers at the Cheshire Badger Vaccination Programme and match-funded by Defra. It is also supported by the Cheshire Wildlife Trust. For more information see The cost of vaccination per badger is around £82, while culling costs around £1,000 per badger. The government spent £6.6 million of taxpayers’ money on unscientific, ineffective and inhumane badger culling last year alone, with the total cost to date of more than £40 million.

Why are thousands of badgers still being slaughtered in Cheshire every Autumn, when vaccination is free to farmers, much cheaper to implement, and much better supported by the public?

Why is Cheshire East Council not doing more to inform farmers and landowners about vaccination as a far superior – and free – alternative to culling?

At Wounded Badger Patrol we will be once again be out every night during this Autumn’s cull, patrolling the public footpaths in Cheshire’s badgerlands. We are a 100 per cent peaceful, 100 per cent lawful vigilant presence offering civil resistance to this shameful cull.

We have more people joining us every year, and we always welcome new volunteers. Our volunteer age range is currently 18 to 83. Full training is provided and no-one patrols alone. We have also helped train our sister patrols in Staffordshire. To join us search ‘Wounded Badger Patrol Cheshire’ online or email wbpcheshire@mail.

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