WHEN things go wrong in the psychiatric system and there are major failures, multiple deaths or suicides, the mental illness spin doctors say things like ‘lessons need to be learned’.

However, based on continued failures, deaths and suicides, it appears as though psychiatry isn’t learning any lessons.

The number of deaths connected to antidepressants is extraordinary.

In 2018, there were 518 deaths, more than one a day. In a 26-year period, 1993-2018, the number of deaths was 11,687. So, for the last 26 years, it looks as those lessons haven’t been learned.

It’s an appalling statistic that reflects poorly upon prescribers who, despite the fatalities, continue using the mantra that benefits outweigh the risks.

The effects of antidepressant drugs include violence, aggression, suicidal thoughts and suicidal behaviour. Psychiatrists however blame fatalities on a person’s perceived mental troubles in an attempt to avoid responsibility and accountability.

Don’t be a statistic. Be fully informed about the consequences of taking psychiatric drugs.

Brian Daniels