I am not against the principle of a Care or Living Support Home. In fact, we have lived adjacent to one run by CWAC, got on very well with them and even supported CWAC in opening new homes.

As a home, it had no more than four residents, a resident to staff ratio of 2:1 in a screened private residence, in keeping with our property.

What I do not support is any development that plans to cram as many as 10 to 14 more people within the same facility if, and when, it belittles their dignity, privacy and environment.

A modern so-called state-of-the-art facility may think nothing about studio apartments or accommodation units in confined spaces and, indeed, spaces twothirds the size of a parking space are deemed acceptable!

Generally speaking, there may be people out there making such decisions who would not contemplate living under such conditions themselves and others, possibly happy to make a living out of their imposition. (In this connection, I specifically refer to an article that reached the National Press last month).

John Oakes