I HAVE just been watching the news on driving while using mobile phones.

Is it beyond the realms of possibility that car manufacturers could not fit a device on cars that will not allow you to use a mobile while the engine is running?

Six points and a meagre fine will not stop them.

I have seen countless drivers using phones and the ‘punishment’ means nothing to the majority of people who are constantly doing it (breaking the law in other words).

It may sound harsh, but why not seize and crush the cars when caught? It must be a small price to pay for not killing innocent people.

I will probably get some choice replies in your letters.

However, after all is said and done, it is breaking the law because taking the licence away from them or giving six points will not make any difference to some people because they don’t take any notice of what or what is not the law in the first place.

A Pearce (via email)