REMAINERS have a peculiar view of Europe, if, like, Mr Holman, they think the Balkans is not part of Europe. The Balkans have always been an integral part of Europe; ask any geographer.

The fact that the EU did not intervene in that terrible civil war in the 1990s speaks volumes for what the EU is; a self-interested grouping promoting only itself.

It is incredible that he implies because the Balkan states were not members of the EU we should not care about them.

But this is the same EU that ignored the protests of Catalans when Spain sent in its brutal police against people protesting for their freedom, the same EU that stood by helpless when Russia invaded Ukraine, and the same EU that has imposed punitive measures against Switzerland’s economy for daring to disagree with the EU.

Switzerland has a proper referendum system that honours results and statutorily puts them into law, unlike, it seems, here.

And so far Germany has been at peace with France, partly because of the large numbers of NATO troops stationed in Germany.

As a result, their emasculated army has been kept in check, but tensions are simmering again in Germany as it heads into recession, and with it, the whole of the EU, which is why we are better out now before we have to pay for more bailouts of overspending EU countries.

Mr Holman really doesn’t know what he is talking about on any topic, because John McDonald of Italy is right.

There is nothing stopping any UK citizen buying a property anywhere in the EU after Brexit.

How does Mr Holman think American citizens buy property in the EU, which they do in large numbers?

There is no law preventing “foreigners” buying property and living in that property in the EU.

Sara Grove Cheshire