I USED to live in Hartford but last December moved to a village in Spain.

I do however keep up to date with Northwich news.

Your correspondent David Roberts is correct in stating that the EU did not stop the civil war in Yugoslavia.

However, this was because Yugoslavia was not part of the EU and therefore outside their jurisdiction.

Any involvement had to be via NATO or the UN.

The EU has, however, helped to maintain a peaceful co-existence between its member states, which is quite significant given the conflicts in preceding decades.

I also agree with Mr Roberts that leaving the EU will not prevent people retiring to other European countries such as Spain.

There will just be different processes and rules to follow.

However, he is wrong about his claim that elderly British citizens are necessarily a burden on other countries’ health systems while enjoying lower taxes etc.

If you are a British citizen living legally in Spain (and many other EU countries) you are not entitled to state healthcare unless you pay into the system.

Retired people below the state retirement age must take out private healthcare insurance in order to register as resident (required after three months).

After 12 months they can start paying into the state system to receive healthcare.

Once you receive a UK state pension you can apply to the DWP for an S1 form.

This entitles the pensioner to receive what appears to be free state healthcare but the cost is actually refunded by the British government.

Whether or not this continues after Brexit remains to be seen.

The UK could impose similar controls on EU citizens but has chosen not to.

Mr Roberts is also wrong about the level of taxation.

Tax allowances are often lower and tax rates higher (Spain – the personal allowance is €5,500 and rates are 24 per cent over €12,450 and 30 per cent over €20,200).

Obviously there are some British people abroad who are not registered.

These people are a drain, not only on local resources, but also on UK resources as they avoid tax and often use their EHIC card for medical treatment, the cost again being picked up by the British government.

These are not ‘ex-pats’ – they are illegal EU migrants (post Brexit – just illegal migrants).

Former Northwich resident now living in Spain