REGARDING the article by Ned Bristow in last week’s Guardian – the obvious solution is to flatten Weaver Square and build the artisan market there with parking and extend the bus stop at the same time.

Naturally, this would be more expensive and the council would need to be involved, but it needs to be done to attract investors.

The new artisan market should not look like Ikea as shown in the artist drawing.

It would need to be built in a Tudor or Victorian style to respect the heritage of Northwich as an industrial Victorian town.

The biggest problem Northwich town centre has is Weaver Square.

The first thing any decent investor/developer sees when coming to Northwich is rows of unoccupied shops in a decrepit retail unit.

If I saw that as an investor, I would turnaround and leave.

If you are going to do a job like revive a town centre, all the eyesores must be removed completely.

Kieron Lennox Darwin Street