I would like to add my thoughts to the long-running Brexit debate in support of the articles by Geoff Holman.

As someone who spent some time in Europe I just want to state how little publicity there has been about the positive work done in Europe.

My role in the tyre industry included being on the committee of the organisation set up to ensure tyres are no longer disposed of through dumping or in landfill.

Thanks to the EU directive now all used tyres are legally to be taken back by the dealers when you get a new or replacement tyre.

Disposal methods such as in building roads and burning in cement factories as an alternative to coal or oil needed to be widened.

The organisation set up a research body to find new ways of using the old tyres, which would ensure there will be sufficient ongoing uses to absorb the used tyres in various recycling processes.

All this came about as a result of a European directive.

This type of development is one of the numerous types of work undertaken under the auspices of EU work but never part of any positive publicity for the EU.

Just to add to the debate about the cost of the journeys between Brussels and Strasbourg, the annual cost of some 114 million Euros or some £100 million of which the UK contributes 14 per cent so £14 million pales into significance compared to the cost of the total Brexit fiasco of £4.2 billion, including £1.5 billion preparing for a no-deal.

Peter Lindsay Via email