MY dear stepmother has recently died – she was married to my father and lived in Hewitt Drive, Winsford.

My dad and my stepmum got married on April 1, 1972.

Sadly, although I know there is a photograph of their wedding day, because I saw it when we used to visit, my stepmum threw out all the records of birth, wedding, death certificates, including a framed photograph of their wedding day due to her having Alzheimer’s.

It is only since one of her sons has cleared out her house that they have discovered there are no photographs.

My stepmum was called Margaret Rathbone (it was a second marriage for them both) and my dad was called William Newnes. Is there a way of tracing photographers who were operating in 1972, to see if I can still get a copy of a photograph of their wedding day at Northwich Register office?

Ivy Holmes (nee Newnes)