I understand that the planning application for the Middlewich Eastern bypass that has been passed provides only a two-metre width for combined cycling and walking along its length.

Though this might be sufficient for present needs, it is unlikely to be for the expected duration of this eagerly awaited road.

Government guidelines are for five metres for such a combined structure if the two modes are separated and three if they are merged.

It seems to me that this particular road will be well used at least by cyclists and considering their speed on such a flat and straight route, it will be hazardous for pedestrians unless they are given their own section.

Perhaps our new councillors would look at this afresh and show the many residents who have given them their vote have done so deservedly.

If the change of leadership of Cheshire East is to mean anything, then it is in these details that it will be shown to the electorate.

Dr Peter Hirst Chair of Congleton Liberal Democrats