ACCORDING to the Lib Dems, Remain won the EU election because the Lib Dems (20.3 per cent), Greens (12.1 per cent) and Change UK (3.4 per cent) got 35.8 per cent of the vote compared to UKIP (3.3 per cent) and The Brexit Party (31.6) votes: 34.9 per cent.

However, the Lib Dems campaigned on the message that only a vote for them was a vote to remain and a vote for UKIP, The Brexit Party, Conservative (9.1 per cent) and Labour (14.1 per cent) was a vote to leave.

Using the Lib Dems own campaign message means that 20.3 per cent voted remain and 58.1 per cent voted to leave.

Even adding the Greens and Change UK to the Lib Dems vote still leaves them far short of 58.1 per cent, yet they won!

Amazing what a little spin can do with figures when it suits you.

Ian Turner Via email