ONE positive effect that emerged from the 2016 Referendum and the chaotic and embarrassing years that ensued, is an appreciation of this country’s ties with the EU.

Such knowledge before the event of leaving, (though it would have been wise to have had such knowledge before Article 50 was triggered) can only serve as a benefit, as it is the survival of this country that matters, not ministerial careers.

A full examination of our relationship with the EU and its contribution to the prosperity of this country challenges the myths that helped to form the opinions of many who believe that leaving the EU will not adversely affect the lives of the majority of people in the UK.

Such mythology was fortified by the potency of falsehoods.

People voted to Leave the EU for a number of reasons. It is important to reconsider some of these in the cold light of day rather than continue to feel an unfounded sense of comfort emanating from being intoxicated with platitudes and slogans.

Perhaps we would do well to look at how our internal politics have led to the corrosive effect they have had on British society rather than blaming Europe.

The intelligent form of action now is to Revoke Article 50, retain our trade and use that trade to end austerity and create prosperity in the fullest sense of the word.

For those who now see what exiting the EU is really about, they should search for the petition ‘Revoke Article 50’, sign and send on.

B Kelly Via email