I FEEL so disappointed every time I visit Northwich because it has lost all its sparkle.

We used to look forward to spending Saturdays mooching round the town with all its independent family run shops and cafes.

You could always find something a bit different and there was a lovely relaxing atmosphere.

It was so busy, you’d have a job trying to park on the car park which used to be between Marks and Spencer and the river.

Now, with all the empty shops and deserted Weaver Square, it is like walking round a ghost town.

It’s all very well constructing the Barons Quay complex with a multiscreen cinema, Asda and a few other retailers, but this development is soulless and not in keeping with the town’s quaint Tudor style architecture.

Developers should celebrate what makes Northwich unique and special and try and retain its charm and character.

So many people now shop online, you need to make the town welcoming.

The trendy eating places that have opened are too expensive for most families to grab a bite to eat at lunch time.

Unless planners change their policy, I can see more shops closing and people choosing to travel out of town.

Heidi Claremont

Via email