IN response to the Fly’s column on pavement parking.

I took a short walk around a few roads in Cuddington and Sandiway and took pictures of eight cars parked on pavements in half an hour (one picture below).

Inconsiderate parking is an issue which affects us directly, as my husband uses a Class 2 pavement scooter.

Unlike a pram, a mobility scooter can’t just ‘nip’ into the road to circumnavigate these obstacles because there needs to be a dropped kerb so he tries reversing to find another way, only to come up with the same problem.

Also, sitting on a scooter, unlike walking, gives a much lower eyelevel view of your surroundings so you can’t see around parked cars to ensure you are aware of other pedestrians safety.

I understand that in London the law also prohibits parking on grass verges, so the sooner these laws are applied across the country, the better for everyone.

Elaine Hulm