I READ in the Northwich Guardian about the new development of the old registry offices in Northwich town centre. Twenty more retirement flats, I would like to ask Cheshire West and Chester Council about the people that are under 55, where are they supposed to live? As you can only be over 55 to apply for the flats.

I am informed by taxi drivers who, like bus drivers, always have their finger on the pulse, that the majority of the retirement flats being built in Northwich town centre are being bought by people from London, because it is cheaper for them to live up north.

I couldn’t care less who moves where. It is obvious to me that CWAC can see this as easy money as they know these people can buy the properties outright putting up the prices of rents, property prices, and food for the locals who can’t afford this.

My daughter works full time as a care assistant in a care home and she can’t afford a flat either privately rented or to buy as the deposit for such properties are too high, she is having to sofa surf with family and friends. Where is the housing provided for the younger generation in this area?

Miss A J Ven