THE letter by your correspondent Sarah Murphy is clearly written by someone who wants to be dragged down by the EU which is in economic crash territory.

Italy is over 360 billion Euro in debt to the European Central Bank, which is strangling growth and employment.

Angela Merkel is terrified that the 300 billion Euro will go straight back to Germany and add to all the other national debts they are supporting in Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Meanwhile France is in serious downturn, too. So, no wonder the unelected EU bureaucrats are doing all they can to pocket our £39 billion and keep tight hold of all the import taxes they would lose if the UK transferred out on WTO terms.

In any event, the EU only accounts for 15 per cent of global GDP and continues to hide behind a tariff wall which discriminates against 85 per cent of the world economy, which any socialist should be horrified about, since it creates a huge barrier against all the poor in third world countries. Meanwhile EU employment is in a desperate state, especially affecting the young, whereas the UK has created over 500,000 new jobs since 2016.

How much better we will do released from the EU chains.

The Prime Minister’s ‘deal’ ties the UK into the EU prison, even more so if we ever agree to a customs union which would also stop us from negotiating our own trade deals and take advantage of the deals waiting on the table from the likes of the Commonwealth and the USA.

Dumping such opportunity while the EU faces collapse is nothing short of crazy. Hence Esther McVey and the Brexiteers have seen through this charade.

Chris Watkin

Via email