HAVE you noticed how bad the train service has become on the Mid-Cheshire line?

We were promised two trains per hour weekdays and one per hour on Sundays.

This promise has been broken even though it was a franchise commitment, and there appears no prospect of it happening in the foreseeable future.

Four-car trains have entirely disappeared and too many peakhour trains are to run with ‘Pacers’, which have inadequate capacity.

Our school trains are so overcrowded that they are, in my opinion, unsafe.

In the peak hours passengers are unable to board because of overcrowding.

Add to this the far too frequent cancellations and the fact that 20 per cent or more of the trains are recorded as late.

The truth is that Northern has failed us. The excuses are unacceptable. There are no immediate prospects of this getting better.

Even when (and if, because their replacements are late) the ‘Pacers’ are withdrawn at the end of the year, we are promised a service for the next five years with 35-year-old two-car diesel units which will be the oldest on the whole railway system.

What can you do about it? First it is important to complain to Northern every time something goes wrong. A simple text will do.

They are obliged to record complaint statistics and will not like lots of complaints. Write to your local MP.

The main local MPs are aware of the problem but need to be reminded regularly that it is an election issue.

You can also join the Mid Cheshire Rail Users Group. The more members the more clout. It is only £10 per annum. Email secretary@mcrua.org.uk.

Something drastic has to be done.

You can help by being active.

Richard Bragg