I TOO heard the programme on the radio and later read Sam Naylor’s comment.

I think he missed the point – ie Altrincham has been given back to its residents – Sam Naylor wants to give Northwich to concert-goers and events, but these only happen periodically.

Northwich residents want to reclaim some of what they had in the old market square, somewhere to sit and chat and do some shopping – which used to be a regular event for them.

The increase in coffee shops does encourage this to some extent but it is not communal.

Some ideas are needed (we can’t rely on the council, and going on their design plans, maybe not a good idea!) So here is one resident’s idea: Northwich is uniquely positioned to offer a different experience – how about our own garden town – the Barons Quay buildings are like a new house which hasn’t been furnished.

So bring in the trees (there’s a song there somewhere) small plantpots don’t exactly fit the scale of the buildings and you need big plants (trees can be in pots) to reflect in all the glass (twice as many trees when reflected and all that CO2 absorption.) Make a connection with Northwich Woodlands via Carey Park. The river is not visible when approaching Barons Quay from Witton Street, so pave the way with water features and signposts in Barons Quay.

Provide proper, attractive seating – concrete steps may be OK for youngsters to sit on, but Northwich must also have quite an ageing population.

Job done. Watch the residents come back and the shops won’t be far behind and we will undoubtedly attract more visitors for Sam.

Better to splash out a little than waste vast sums on empty buildings, but is the council open to residents’ ideas?

Elaine Hulm Via email