I’VE always liked Halloween but it is tainted for me this year now that those EU chappies have fixed that as the extension date for us waving them goodbye.

For heavens sake, and the sake of our country and our sanity, let’s just leave now with no deal.

That’s how it’ll probably end up at the end of October anyway.

But meanwhile we will not only be trapped in the Brussels’ enslaving web, we will have had to fork out tens of millions of pounds to take part in the EU elections.

In 2014 it cost this country £109 million to participate and it is bound to cost as much if not more this time round.

That is a horrific waste of money and is a scenario that neither the Conservatives nor Labour will relish as the voters – well those not too wearied to pen a cross – will punish them for their myriad deceit and lies following the Referendum result.

Paul Nuttall North West MEP