THE incompetence of the Conservative Party and the Labour opposition at national government, is all too clear.

However, your readers may not be aware of the gross incompetence of the local Cheshire East Council in recent years.

It has featured no less than 23 times as a laughing stock in Private Eye magazine as a way not to run a council.

The roads are in a simply appalling mess with potholes everywhere, and we are told that this is due to lack of funds.

Well, there is no lack of funds to pay circa £430,000 to the incoming chief executive and the departing one in the year accounts were last published.

There is no lack of funds to pay for the incompetency that cost the council £3million in the Lyme Green planning disaster.

Then take the incompetency of the botched local plan that meant that Cheshire countryside was fair game for any house builder with the funds to challenge the plan in court and take vast swathes of our county to be built on unnecessarily.

The list goes on and the Conservative-led council is responsible.

Labour promise more spending and more council tax rises. The only solution is to say no party politics and vote for independents who have pledged to work together for the public good.

David Roberts Via email