WHO would have thought that the country would be in this appalling political mess?

And that just one word – Brexit – could make everyone groan, silently or otherwise. I am becoming increasingly inclined to swear myself at the incompetence and selfishness shown by our Westminster politicians and was particularly angered that the alternative suggestion of joining a customs union was rejected by just three votes.

No, no, no, a customs union with the EU is the antithesis of the Referendum result.

The 17.4 million who voted to leave did so for a variety of reasons but being free to make our own trade deals with whichever country we want was high among them.

We would be in a worse situation than we were before if that is part of the Withdrawal Agreement and so in my book a ‘no deal’ is a much better option.

We didn’t actually vote for deal or no deal, we just voted to leave and the parliamentary shenanigans are betraying democracy. Voters have never been more alienated and the time for a new party to spring forth has never been greater.

Paul Nuttall North West MEP