GUARDIAN columnist The Fly puts forward a good summary of the political leanings of Esther McVey, our MP.

We have an arch Brexiter who would rather share a platform with Nigel Farage and promote a No Deal Brexit than vote for her Prime Minister and party’s negotiated Brexit deal.

According to the government’s own analysis, if we were to have no deal with the EU, the north west stands to take a hit of 12 per cent to its GDP over the next 15 years.

That represents significant, lifechanging decline for our region; a catastrophic loss of jobs and an economic hit that will not only adversely affect all the public services on which we all so depend, but will also exacerbate social inequality, sending many more into poverty, while a very small few get significantly richer on the pickings of a country having to sell off its assets.

As Work and Pensions Secretary, she was found to have lied to Parliament about charities’ support for Universal Credit and she had to issue an apology.

Two weeks ago, she told people on social media that the UK would have to join the Euro in 2020. No apology was issued when that was revealed as the falsehood that it is.

She talks tough on knife crime and is particularly harsh and judgemental in her attitude to food banks and poverty but as the social worker, as your letters page points out so eloquently, ‘the comments of MPs like Esher McVey are ill informed and do nothing to help, indeed they try and draw people into dangerous thinking that there is an easy fix to complex and devastating problems’.

On the basis of this dishonesty, inadequate research and lack of social conscience, I seriously question her suitability to be an MP.

The possibility of her becoming Prime Minister should be laughable. It is a truly tragic indictment of the woeful state of our politics.

In summary, this is a politician who is very far from being a ‘One Nation’ Tory.

She is instead a ‘one person’ Tory, that person being herself.

Sarah Murphy Via email