IN response to Cllr Sinar’s comments in last week’s Guardian.

Firstly we absolutely refute the allegation that we are sexist and, furthermore, we find the implication quite offensive.

Our election flyer, a copy of which you have seen, makes no reference at all to gender of any opposing candidates, it merely states that some do not live in the ward they seek to represent.

The fact that Cllr Sinar seems to have lost her seat in the Davenham and Moulton ward, together with the fact that she lives in the Northwich Leftwich ward, and one of her businesses is in Northwich Witton Ward, one may expect her to have stood in one of these wards.

Perhaps her decision to stand in Hartford and Greenbank has been influenced by the fact that historically the ward has returned Conservative councillors?

That fact that the Conservatives are fielding a candidate from outside the ward, with no obvious links to it, was a contributing factor to our decision to stand.

This, however, was not the only consideration that motivated us.

We have become disillusioned with party politics where councillors are expected to vote along party lines.

Rarely it seems parties work together in order to seek common ground.

We do not believe any one party has a monopoly on good ideas.

We have pledged to work with all interest parties to seek to resolutions to the issues that affect the residents of Hartford and Greenbank.

The ward is suffering from continuing over development without corresponding expansion of soft and hard infrastructure.

Much of the new housing caters for families yet there are few facilities for young people.

Similarly, we need better social care and support services for elderly and vulnerable people.

Martin Loftus and Phil Herbert Independents