An open letter MPs to Fiona Bruce, Antoinette Sandbach, Esther McVey and Mike Amesbury. At the referendum, the people voted for what they thought was best. Now that we know the reality, it is time to respond to reality.

The Irish border – very few of the 33.5 million voters understood that leaving the EU would be a threat to the Good Friday Agreement.

Having a hard border would set off the troubles again and this is unacceptable. By remaining in the EU/Customs Union there is no hard border, no backstop, no threat to the Good Friday Agreement.

Immigration – before the Referendum, immigration was a dirty word. The day after the referendum, the lead Brexiter, Michael Gove stated that immigration numbers will not go down when we leave the EU.

This prediction, has so far proved to be correct.

The number of workers from the EU has fallen but has been more than made up by workers from other parts of the world. It is the market economy that sets the demand for immigrant workers.

EU law – Rees Mogg makes a joke out of one dysfunctional EU rule.

Our own country has dysfunctional rules. They have to be changed from the inside.

The lead Brexiters’ tune has changed dramatically.

They are now saying ‘we know that we will have to take a hit’.

However it will not be their income/jobs that will be hit.

Our present deal with the EU is a good deal.

We are not in Schengen which is good, we are not in the Euro which is good; the EU is now in a trade agreement with Japan which is good; we have economic and social benefits in manufacturing, law and order, energy, science, the arts, university projects, standards, travel etc, which is good.

Theresa May treats the result of the referendum like an instruction which has to be obeyed in all circumstances.

That is wilfully wrong headed.

Now that there is a withdrawal deal on the table, there is every justification for Parliament to say: ‘We go back to the people for them to vote on what we know now’.

We would urge you all to vote for this course of action.

C Stewart on behalf of Weaver Vale for Europe