NO deal is better than a bad deal.

Our trade deficit with the EU meant that if we traded with the EU without a deal, we would benefit from billions of pounds in import tariffs due to our trade deficit with the EU.

A Civitas study concluded that having left the EU and trading instead under WTO rules, EU companies would pay us £12.9 billion a year in tariffs while UK companies exporting to the EU would pay £5.2 billion a year.

The EU’s share of world GDP is expected to decline to 10 per cent circa 2020 as it faces increasing competition from global developing markets while itself internally stagnating.

For over a period of 21 years, the EU accounts have failed the audit.

A few years back, a Belgian lady was employed to sort out the accounts but she was ‘promoted sideways’ for asking awkward questions.

Who but an absolute dummkopf would want to invest in such an organisation?

The augments over the back-stop and Irish border are a complete fiasco.

Switzerland for example copes with four different borders and traffic also floats seamlessly between Norway and Sweden.

Ireland’s internal border comprises mostly goods related to the food and building industries which can be documented online and cleared via automatic ‘e-border’ so trucks can cross without needing to stop.

The Remainers have continually sowed discord via irrational fear and generally failing to substantiate their nebulous claims with verifiable facts and figures.

Edward Evans Middlewich