I AM a regular Saturday user of the line travelling from Greenbank to Chester.

Two weeks ago the service re-commenced after a long strike and my friends and I used it again.

On the Chester side of the platform, the ticket machine is not yet up and running so we were unable to buy tickets, hoping that the guard would come round so we could buy them from him.

I don’t enjoy having to queue up at the kiosk at the Chester station as it can be up to 20 minutes sometimes, eating into our valuable day out.

On this occasion we didn’t have to queue at the kiosk as the barriers were open and we went through without paying as did several hundred others!

This has happened on many occasions in the past including travelling to Delamere for the open air concerts.

Imagine how much money the line would make for much needed improvements if every passenger paid a fare.

My friends and I would be more than happy to pay for this service to keep it going, we look forward to improved rolling stock and faster trains.

At the moment we don’t use it to get to Manchester as it takes so long.

Janice Kirk Via email