VIC Barlow’s article on February 21 ‘Brexit shows our political incompetence’ is very true. That is exactly how the politicians of this country are behaving.

However, call me a cynic, but these people are supposedly highly educated, intelligent and articulate.

Therefore I wonder how much of this charade is window dressing.

GB is the home of democracy therefore the powers that be must be seen to be attempting to honour the democratic process.

Cameron called the original referendum to honour the pledge in his manifesto, but the vote was never expected to go the way that it did.

Now, in order for the vote to be reversed, they need to lull the populace into thinking that the democratic decision to leave the EU cannot be successfully achieved without the upset and the aggravation being suffered by us.

I think this whole process is nothing more than an elaborate and costly farce to fool the British public into changing their minds.

Mrs D Wade Weaverham