THANK you for informing us of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ opportunity at Anderton Boat Lift during their open weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

However, I take issue with your comment in your article which says ‘incredible to think it has been operating nearly every day for 144 years’. It has not.

When we first visited Anderton it lay in ruins and rows of rusting huge cog wheels were stacked on the ground, with other metal parts and heavy metal cables swamped by overgrown grass.

It was only after a great deal of effort and fundraising from volunteers that it was restored and turned into the historic visitor attraction that we have today.

Until the Canal and River Trust took it over there was a dedicated website for the lift which explained its history and the history of its restoration. It has an entry in Wikipedia which gives a lot more details.

‘Built in 1875, the boat lift was in use for over 100 years until it was closed in 1983 due to corrosion.

Restoration started in 2001 and the boat lift was re-opened in 2002’.

Vivienne Gray Via email