THE excellent letter from Sarah Murphy, Judith Hughes and Julie Laot about Esther McVey MP was a reminder of why the voters of her previous constituency, Wirral West, chucked her out after just one period of office.

With any luck, she might be heading for a similar fate in Tatton and for the very same reason; totally misrepresenting the opinions of the vast majority of her constituents.

The indisputable fact is that her Tatton constituency voted 55.6 per cent to remain in the EU, one of the highest figures for remain outside of London.

The current evidence is that figure would now be close to 60 per cent.

This doubtlessly explains why she is ‘too frit’, as Maggie Thatcher would say, to stand in front of the people who elected her and explain what her game is. In particular, why in arguing strongly for a kamikaze crash-out version of Brexit, is she is willing to inflict catastrophic damage on the UK economy where some of the biggest hits will be on manufacturing in our north west region?

Has she heard the explicit warnings from Vauxhall, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, Airbus and others? Come on, Esther. Have courage and book one or two venues in Tatton. Then take a couple of nights away from the politics and media circus in London and give your constituents the respect to which we are entitled.

I am sure that Martin Bell, one of your predecessors who became the most admired man in British politics at the time, would have done exactly that and, for many of us, he set the standard.

Liam Byrne Little Leigh