DEAR Mike Amesbury, MP.

I find myself in a really strange situation along with 60 per cent of the adult population. We want Britain to remain a fully active member of the EU with all the many benefits it gives us and yet our voices are being suppressed by the BBC, drowned out by the far right and we are not being represented by the Labour party.

I have always voted Labour but would have voted Lib Dem as they were clear in opposing Brexit. In order to make my vote count I had to take a chance on Labour who promised a People’s Vote if they couldn’t secure a general election. So far they have not kept that promise and have not backed amendments to delay Article 50.

As Project Fear turns to Project Reality, you as shadow employment minister, must have grave concerns about how Brexit will impact jobs.

Our children and our grandchildren will not benefit from the Free Movement of People which has allowed us to live, love and work in 27 other countries and has been a net gain to the UK in terms of Europeans coming and working here.

How are we going to fill all those vacancies in the NHS? How are we going to ensure that people do not die in a no deal scenario due to lack of medication?

People voted for Brexit for many different reasons and there are certainly many social and economic injustices that need to be addressed. Brexit will only make the situation worse and no one voted to be poorer.

‘Take back control’ they cried, when we had never lost it!

‘All those laws’ they cried, when in fact we have only voted against two per cent of European laws and when these were laws which protected consumers and protected animal rights it is questionable whether we should have voted against in any case.

Peace in Ireland was the hard won and precious prize resulting from the Good Friday Agreement. Are we really going to tear it up? Are we going to risk a return to the bad old days?

A hard border is the inevitable consequence of leaving while at the same time unconscionable.

Then there is the fact that there are several ongoing investigations into the Leave campaign. The referendum was based on lies and inaccuracies and should be null and void.

I know many people who voted to leave because of a promise of money for the NHS plastered on the side of a bus.

It is without a doubt that Labour is facilitating Brexit and as a consequence has dropped behind the Tories in the polls, quite incredible when we’re in this mess.

When we joined the EU we were the poor man of Europe, since we have joined we have reaped the benefits, growing the economy year on year. If we lose all this it will not only be the Tories who we will blame. Labour will never be forgiven. Revoke Article 50 and give us a final say with the option to remain, now that we know what Brexit means.

Joanne Callaghan Via email