REGARDING the plans to build 15 new homes in Antrobus.

I have followed this development from the start and I live in the village and I am in full support of this development.

The land that Manley Close is built on was originally part of the greenbelt field in question and was sold at a low price so that 10 housing association houses (with a Section 106 agreement) could be built for local people.

A Section 106 agreement is so that the people of Antrobus get first refusal before any outsiders and this will be the same on the 15 houses that will be built.

It is a small section of the field next to the road where these houses will go and in my opinion it is needed.

A survey was done and the demand is there. The houses are going to local people and they are 20 per cent cheaper than the market value.

At the council meeting on February 6 the prices were released (this video is available to watch online) the two-bed properties will be £132,000 to £135,000, so yes they are affordable and a lot cheaper than the other properties that are being thrown up everywhere else in Northwich.

My husband and I would like to purchase one of these houses as we would like to get on the property ladder and stay in our village; without these houses we would have to move away from our village and what is left of our family.

The rest of our family had to move away some years ago and are now raising their families elsewhere; this is because they simply could not afford to stay in our village which I find very sad.

I have spoken to several families who are in the village and the same story mirrors ours.

The next generation are moving away and the children who are the future of the village and its survival are being raised away from this amazing community.

The school has almost 30 spaces available which is rare these days and so will probably close in a few years.

If the village is to stay alive then young couples should be given the opportunity to be able to stay in the village.

Rebecca Jane Collins Via Facebook