IN asking the peace question to full council on Monday, June 19, I was requesting that Warrington Borough Council consider taking up the Pledge to Peace challenge (Warrington Guardian, June 29).

In addition it seemed an ideal opportunity to ask that the Foundation4Peace be honoured by the town for their tireless work and be granted freedom of the borough.

They have for many years inspired many people, helping turn their lives around, working in some very challenging areas to deliver the concept of peace.

The Metropolitan Borough of Oldham began its Pledge to Peace journey after Nick Taylor’s (chief exective, Foundation4Peace) visit to the town.

It was their councillor for peace who approached me to follow their example and gave me details of how to apply for the Pledge to Peace.

The pledge concept as I see it is to provide evidence of work that Warrington has done and intends to do in the name of peace.

It should be a no brainer, after all it is engrained in the town’s DNA and there are several groups championing the anti-hate message.

There are a number of events all ready in the pipeline. I am looking forward to a favourable reply from Warrington Borough Council chiefs when Cllr Dan Price (LAB – Great Sankey) presents it to them.

I am also looking forward to seeing the projects that will result as part of the process, especially in the schools and communities of the borough.