I WARMLY welcome the commitment from Tesco and the hard work from Middlewich Vision.

The plans for the park sound like they could be sensational and this water feature could be the icing on the cake.

However, I really hope that the feature is not just something that children have to stand and stare at, as that would be a shame.

The ultimate dream for us would be a play fountain or aqua park, which encourages kids to play in the water.

This would be a really nice nod to Fountain Fields’ history – it actually got its name from natural springs underneath the park.

If we just end up with an ornamental fountain, it will probably be a hang-out for bored teenagers.

However, play fountains tend to be embedded in the ground and virtually vandal-proof; they are designed for kids to have a great time getting wet.

Plus it would be unique in Cheshire East, and provide a positive reason for people to visit our town.

Gareth Williams Middlewich