A PRIME reason given by the ‘IN’ campaign for their position over the referendum is trade.

Outside the EU, they say, trade will suffer because we are not big enough to do our own deals.

Greenland, a nation with a population less than half that of Cheltenham, left the EU in 1982 following a referendum in 1979.

Greenland has thrived outside despite having few of the advantages we do.

Greenland has trade deals, via its seat on the World Trade Organisation (something we had to surrender in 1975 under the Treaty of Rome) with several countries around the world, both EU and non EU.

If tiny Greenland can do it then why not us? If Greenland is thriving, and non-EU Norway and Switzerland are amongst the best and most successful nations on earth (UN figures), where will we be with our Commonwealth, membership of many other worldwide organisations, and a respected ‘international player’ in our own right?

Greenland, Norway and Switzerland have governments which support their countries; sadly, for the past 50 years our governments have not believed in the UK, its people and its abilities.

We finally have a chance to change all that on June 23 by voting to Leave the EU.

W Elphinston