LOUISE Mcstein has told of the methodology behind her big pike catches.

The 31-year-old from Middlewich devotes time and energy to her fishing life, and loves nothing more than tempting pike from rivers - the bigger, the better!

The quality stamp of her catches is reward for the dedication and thought she puts into her sessions.

“This season I have put in extra effort with pike fishing, getting out as often as I can. I always target pike as soon as I can as it is my favourite form of fishing," said the fabric weaver, a former student of Verdin High School who is a member of Winsford and District Anglers Association.

“I have looked into new tactics and methods, that are serving me very well at present.

“My tactics for catching pike vary each session.

“I spend time throughout the day watching my surroundings, paying attention to changes in temperature and the direction of the current.

“I watch my surroundings for any form of activity whether it be a duck splashing on the surface, silver fish topping or small feeding bubbles. Within these areas of activity there is a good chance a pike will be close by ready to attack.

“I present my dead-baits within the area of activity so it’s an easy meal for the pike.

“I use two different set-ups which are a free running ledgered dead-bait popped up from the bottom and a static float set-up.

“The ledger set-up remains out for up to two hours at a time whereas the float set-up i will move every 30 to 45 minutes in order to explore the area.

“A must have for myself is pike pro oils. I inject my dead-baits with the oil each time. I don’t leave the house without it.

“I also like to use big dead-baits and I am not shy of putting on a dead-bait that weighs over a pound - big bait...big fish!”

The biggest pike she has landed is her favourite catch so far.

“My pike pb is a river caught 20lbs 9ozs,” she said.

“I had blanked six times in a row and this was my seventh session. I was sat huddled up underneath my umbrella trying to keep dry very close to giving up.

“I pushed through and it got to 1pm when one of my rods screamed off on the bite alarm.

“She put up an incredibly hard fight and to this day she is my favourite catch. She was caught on a ledgered mackerel tail, popped up and injected with pike pro oils.”