WINSFORD United Football Club has secured £500 in sponsorship from the council to improve the pitch at Barton Stadium.

The Business Improvements District team at Groundwork Cheshire applied to Winsford Town Council on behalf of the club for financial support.

The request will give the council a sponsorship board at the ground.

Members approved the deal at a remote council meeting last Monday.

Cllr Dave Edwards said: "I am very much in favour of money being spent in support of Winsford United FC. It is a community team and a community club, their work should be supported."

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Cllr Nathan Pardoe said: “It’s clear that the town cherishes Winsford United. Barton Stadium is much more than a football stadium and is also a venue for many community groups. Winsford Town Council sponsoring a board at the ground is a way to recognise all that the team means to the town.”