CHESHIRE Stars T continued their pursuit of a position in the table’s top-half when they recorded another victory in the Everybody Netball League last week.

The Middlewich-based team prevailed 33-22 against Vipers with defensive duo Alex Cooper and Dekeisha Entwisle sharing the player-of-the-match accolades afterwards.

Stars S were outclassed by Premier Division champions Oaklands, who remain unbeaten this season, but they fought until the end of their meeting at Middlewich Leisure Centre.

Alisan Barrett-Cliffe impressed at centre, but Sharon Kennerley’s relentless energy at wing-defence made her the outstanding individual performer.

Stars A sit third in the Championship Division following a 34-24 win against a depleted Bentley.

Abby Hilldrup was chosen as the victors’ best player.

Verstatile Marianne Needham adjusted to an unfamiliar role at centre when Stars R took on table-toppers Ladyhawks L in Division One.

The teams could not be separated in the first half, but the promotion-favourites found a second wind after half-time to take a 28-19 win.


Everybody Netball League

Week commencing Monday, March 11

Premier Division: Cheshire Stars S 12-60 Oaklands; N20 29-38 Shanti; Police 49-33 Ladyhawks G; Sharks 61-22 Falcons; Vipers 22-33 Cheshire Stars T; Witton Albion 36-26 AIM.

Championship Division: Alsager 32-23 Blaze; Barclays conceded to Ice Maidens; Bentley 24-34 Cheshire Stars A; Ringwood 31-35 Indigo; Scorpions 50-8 Fusion.


Everybody Netball League

Monday, March 25

Championship Division: Cheshire Stars A v Alsager (7.35pm, at Crewe Leisure Centre)

Tuesday, March 26

League Cup: Oaklands v Cheshire Stars T (9.35pm, Crewe Leisure Centre)

Wednesday, March 27

Premier Division: Cheshire Stars S v Witton Albion (8.35pm); Cheshire Stars T v Shanti (9.35pm, both at Middlewich Leisure Centre)

Thursday, March 28

Division One: Phoenix v Cheshire Stars R (9.35pm, Middlewich Leisure Centre)