The top eight things that Yorkshire has given the world have been revealed.

In 'God's Own County', many things were first made in the region - from confectionary to board games and technology.

To celebrate Yorkshire Day, which takes place on August 1 each year, and is a national celebration of all things Yorkshire - we've put together a list of things made in county.

1: Yorkshire Puddings

Winsford Guardian:

Cooks in the north of England created the Yorkshire pudding. It is said they wanted to make use of the fat in the dripping pan while their meat roasted.

A recipe for ‘a dripping pudding’ was published in the book ‘The Whole Duty of a Woman’ in 1737.

2: Wensleydale cheese

Winsford Guardian: Wensleydale cheese. Picture credit: Wensleydale CreameryWensleydale cheese. Picture credit: Wensleydale Creamery

Known by TV fans as the favourite food of Wallace and Gromit - Wensleydale's crumbly cheese that has traditionally been made in the North Yorkshire town since 1150.

According to the BBC, the cheese was first made by French Cistercian monks who settled in Wensleydale, bringing with them the know-how for producing cheese from sheep's milk.

The monks then continued to make the cheese until the end of their monasteries in 1540, at which point local farmers took up the practice.

3: Cluedo

Winsford Guardian: Cluedo board game. Picture: Hasbro GamingCluedo board game. Picture: Hasbro Gaming

Waddingtons, a board game company from Leeds, created the mystery game in 1949.

The popular game is known around the world and has had several special editions, including a Leeds version in 1993 to celebrate the centenary of Waddingtons.

4: Marks and Spencer

Winsford Guardian:

While M&S is well-known across the UK and around the world today, the company first started as a Penny Bazaar in Leeds Kirkgate Market back in 1884.

5: Cat's Eyes

Winsford Guardian:

Yorkshireman Percy Shaw invented and patented the reflective cat's eyes as a safety feature for drivers in 1934. It can be seen on roads across the country.

6: Jelly Tots

Winsford Guardian:

The sugar-coated sweets were invented by accident by Brian Boffey in Horsforth, Leeds.

Boffey came up with the sweets in 1965 while he was trying to create powdered jelly, and was working for Rowntree's at the time. 

7: Stainless Steel

Winsford Guardian:

Harry Brearley, who was born in Sheffield, first discovered stainless steel back in 1913.

Brearley was working at Firth Brown's research laboratory at the time. Since then, Sheffield has been synonymous with steel.

8: Yorkshire Tea

Winsford Guardian:

Yorkshire Tea, a blend of black tea blend, has been made by Bettys & Taylors Group since 1977.

It is the most popular traditional black tea brand sold in the UK.