WE are getting near to a General Election that will also decide the support that there is for Brexit, and out of the woodwork pops Project Fear in the form of a disgruntled Remoaner called Simon Harris who describes himself as a former Conservative campaign manager in Chester.

In his long letter he describes Brexiteers and the Conservative Party in general as Little Englanders. He, like all Remoaners, blames the government for not, in three years, sorting Brexit.

Completely omitting to add that this was the fault of mainly the Remain Parliament and Remain PM.

Oh, and Scotland will leave the UK next year, total bunkum if the polls there can be believed.

He says that the Tory party is destroying itself from within and urges us to vote for the Tory/ Independent and then Lib Dem woman Antoinette Sandbach.

Never have I read such long winded and unadulterated Project Fear from a disgruntled Remainer who hails from Chester. A Labour and Remain voting constituency.

If you were once a Tory Mr Harris be sure that us Little Englanders are not interested in your repulsion for the barely hidden racism, vile misogyny and contempt in the Tory Party. Lifted by you no doubt directly from the Remoaner textbook of left-wing twaddle.

Talking of left-wing twaddle, another letter regarding the election. This time from Roderic Oates complaining that Jeremy Corbyn is classed as a terrorist sympathiser by people he meets. He was so appalled at the people who thought this way and just how wrong they were, poor Jeremy.

He is a Labour voter and Jeremy is not a terrorist sympathiser. I can only assume that Mr Oates is blissfully unaware of the following.

Your hero was arrested on a picket line demonstrating against the trial of PIRA Terrorists including Joseph Magee who, when duly found guilty, received eight life sentences for planting the Grand Hotel bomb in Brighton.

Two weeks later Corbyn invited two convicted PIRA Terrorists to Parliament. He stood to honour PIRA men shot dead by the SAS when on the way to blow up a police station. There is plenty more PIRA stuff for you to Google Mr Oates, but let’s move on.

He called Hamas and Hezbollah his friends. He attended, with wreath in hand, a ceremony of wreath laying on the graves of the Munich Olympics terrorists.

That will do for now, I urge anyone who finds this man attractive and worthy of No10 to do some research first, it’s not difficult, there is loads of it.

Paul Hurley Winsford